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Much like any great story out there, jobdesk® starts as a story of friendship in 1996 in Switzerland. After years of running a software engineering company (bytebuilder), the founders of jobdesk® teamed up to launch a solution that could accurately meet all HR demands in the corporate world. Based in Altendorf, Switzerland, jobdesk® represents a comprehensive solution that can accurately meet all HR demands in today’s corporate world. Coined by qualified Swiss entrepreneurs who had experienced the lack of an adequate solutions, jobdesk® was launched as an alternative that: Today, jobdesk® is one of the premium global integrated solutions on the market. We don’t just make daily tasks hassle-free, but we create more opportunities for you, your people, and your company. Through our premium SaaS solution, we take care of recruiting, headhunting, payrolls, accounting, billing and much more, so you and your people can focus on great things like your products, ROI, and retention. Home to all of your HR Processes and a Flexible, Innovative Multitool for all of your HR Management Processes.

The jobdesk® is a software platform that reconciles a complete range of duties in the job market by offering integrated automation solutions. Our customers profit from high gains in efficiency and are able to concentrate more on their core competencies in all aspects of HR, Finance, Compliance, Operations, Supply Chain, and Procurement, a truly diverse platform that offers the possibility of complete automation, or selective/custom integrations, combining individual modules with each other in order to cover your exact needs. Strong flexibility and great adaptability are jobdesk®’s defining element. The core of our platform is the interaction of different modules and fields. The consultant or back office employee is pivotal to us, just as the customer or employee is pivotal to your work. A cloud-hosted SaaS product in essence, jobdesk® is entirely web-based, running in all popular modern browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and many others. The service portal for customers as well as candidates or employees is mobile friendly, as well as the application forms and advertisements – allowing you to view and use our services on a PC, lap top, smartphone or tablet.

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