jobdesk® Time and Leave Management

You actually benefit from saving time and manage it all in one step.

You can manage all your employees in one place, schedule, reschedule, calculate working hours, leaves and many others.

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jobdesk® Time and Leave Management Benefits

Check time by department or teams

Check monthly timing and overtime

No overlaps

Save and learn from the dozens of reports created in daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

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Time and Leave Management System Benefits:

Accuracy of time and attendance tracking

You will have visibility in accurate information about leave trends and balances, customized as per the company’s leave policy. The employees and the managers can use the system without any fault tracks and what human resources will be available at any point is predictable.

Increases leave policy awareness

The system is designed to accurately display available numbers of leaves permissible, numbers of days required before applying for planned or long leave. Employees can, at any time, refer to the leave policy before applying for vacation days.

Storage of Records

Leave Management System saves all the relevant data about an employee and will bring the employee’s file up when they apply for leave.

Improved Discipline

Leave Management System is a transparent and easy access system to personal leave history which adheres to company leave policy and the local labor laws. As a result, better employee attendance can also be expected as the employees will be well aware od the consequences of not adhering to the company’s leave policy.


Recognizing the need of bringing in transparency in the workplace, the Leave Management System makes all the information available to employees as well as their managers throughout the organization, resulting in creating company’s good image.


The system will continue to manage time and attendance while your business grows. You do not have to worry about switching to different system when your workload will expand. It does not matter whether you have a few employees or thousands, you will be able to continue accurately tracking time and attendance.

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