jobdesk® Learning Management System

The jobdesk® LMS represents an integrated environment for corporate learning and development (L&D)

jobdesk® incorporates all required features in the day-to-day quest of L&D departments towards staff education and company growth.

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The essence of this Swiss-made LMS is deeply rooted in the global need to and for:

Online, On-Site, And Public Live Trainings

Staff Performance

Learning Administration

Company And Vendor Linking

L&D Budget Optimization

Grading, Career Paths, and Performance-Based Assessment

Through jobdesk®, L&D can quickly adapt to the rising trend of implementing custom-built learning programs for your company workforce; establish strong live communication with vendors and educational providers; stay updated with innovations and market requirements; keep track on the progress of your employees’ professional capabilities. We offer an all-in-one learning management system that is made to be deployed today – easy to use with no training required. Fully cloud-based and omni-device friendly, the LMS knows no limitations, whether it’s a different time, location, or device you’re trying to access it from. We also understand your need for integration, hence you can easily migrate from or to any other popular software (Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, etc). Our LMS seeks to make learning and growing a pleasant involvement for all parties at your company through inimitable functionality, cutting-edge technology, and 24/7 support. Delve into the jobdesk® LMS and discover how your staff and your L&D department can maintain harmony through a minimal learning curve, a super-rich set of features, and maximum customization. From the effectiveness of learning activities to the alignment of L&D forecasts are aligned with key organizational objectives.

LMS Solution Overview

Our solution delivers a comprehensive overview of the jobdesk® LMS. Throughout this presentation, you will gain a thorough understanding of the basic functions of our custom-built Learning Management System, which will be developed in close collaboration with THIQAH’s L&D Department. Our team pays special attention to your company needs and details, thus making it imperative for us to work very closely during the initial phase of consultations and understanding your corporate requirements to its smallest detail. Further we engage known industry consultants to make sure we’re always ahead of the game. We encourage you to follow our Table of Content in order to easily navigate this LMS Proposal.

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Our Competitive Advantage

jobdesk® is truly unique in its cutting-edge technology and set of features. We are confident in our solution to serve an ever-growing base of global clients, yet humble enough to allow sound names from different industries and regions serve as a proof of the quality we possess.

By opting for jobdesk®, you are choosing an LMS that delivers:

A very natural user interface that keeps users involved without a steep learning curve

Immediate technical support when you need it (24/7)

An all-inclusive set of features that augments learning, training, and all around corporate growth activities

Bilingual interface

Easy management for online, on-site, and public training

Premise-free, cloud-based architecture intended to ensure easy operation

Competitive license costs per user

All-encompassing maintenance and assistance, noticeable at every step of our partnership

Simple in Practice

Through jobdesk®, learning and growing become a pleasant involvement for all parties. Providing a clean, intuitive layout that is hassle-free and has a minimal learning curve, we encourage your staff to participate in your educational programs, regardless of whether they are tech freaks or not. The jobdesk® LMS is being built with your staff’s needs in mind, aiming to become an integral part of your company’s path to educational growth Our Learning Management System can be tailored to fit departmental requirements, allowing managers, vendorsvand attendants to customize multiple core aspects – from branding to features and tools.

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Develop Your Workforce

Leverage a common, reusable framework for describing learning objectives. Define competencies attained by learner. Automatically update competency profiles. Create learning paths and certifications to guide and manage your workforce learning and development.

Simplify Administration by Efficiently Scheduling and Managing Resources

Place the right resources and equipment in the right locations. Define learning event needs only once. Ensure instructors possess the necessary competencies and experience. Consolidate training initiatives on a scalable, cost effective LMS.

Cost efficiency

Gain a content player that delivers any web-accessible content. Deploy content to a global learning community. Collaborate via forums, chats, and web conferencing

Simplify Administration through a Unified Catalog

Create a single catalog for all online, offline, synchronous, and asynchronous learning. Support blended learning. Enable administrators to see the entities they create and directly edit their properties.

Increase Efficiency by Managing Learning Content

Assemble and deliver learning content rapidly Enable the reuse and assembly of learning content that makes use of mixed media and multiple learning modalities. Deliver the optimal blend of classroom and online training

Extend Solution Value by Providing Learning to Customers and Partners

Provide self-service access to learning for customers and partners. Retain one-stop administration. Automate catalog distribution and enrollment.

Built-in Features for Improved Learning & Development


Built primarily to support your e-learning process, the jobdesk® LMS integrates easily with your preferred course provider, downloading all information from vendors and classifying them according to your needs – length, industry, certification, instructor and more. This is done in real time, so your L&D department and all assigned parties are kept well informed about available learning resources. In addition to self-paced online course, your inhouse or external trainers are granted the opportunity to choose the type of course that best suits their training style such as instructor-led, blended, or self-paced. You can teach multiple sections of a course, and use our unique course sync feature to push changes from the master copy of a course to the others.

Content Authoring and Routing

Our refined content authoring instruments permit you to create rich, attractive modules without requiring any technical knowledge. Upload and embed any type of media, including audio, video, office documents, and more. Speaking of self-built courses, using our sophisticated interface, L&D departments can rearrange modules and their sections using drag and drop, and go through sections in a module using our simple built-in navigation. You can track module advancement anytime in each module using the dashboard.

Attractive Visual Dashboards

We provide visual tile-based dashboards that grant users the opportunity to get access to the most important information for each course type.

Visual Course Collection

Exhibit classes in an attractive visual collection that aids your team to keep them organized and provides an overview of useful information for learners.


Are you willing to go past the point of conventional learning and make a course more captivating and flexible? Our gamification tool is here to let you define rules for when points and badges should be awarded to learners by performing certain tasks. Students are driven to relate with course material when your content is combined with gamified elements such as rewards, badges, and leaderboards.

Create, Amend, Enable, And Disable Rules

Your L&D department has a plethora of needs, all varying between each other. What works for one department, may not be suitable for the next one, and vice-versa. Hence, we’ve built the option of giving you total control over every aspect of a course by enabling actions based on rules defined by you. Instances of such rules include, but are not limited to: awarding badges, adding learners to groups, enrolling learners in courses, locking/unlocking modules, sending custom messages, awarding certificates, and more.

Learner Goals

Increase learner commitment by setting the right goal with your courses. This tool allows you to motivate attendees by registering them for the right next course that can lead to rewards and certifications.


Your brand is super-important to your company. And so it’s to us. That’s why we’ve thought about an option that allows you to amend core elements of your visual identity, enabling custom logo upload, theme, color scheme, and more. Delve into the world of jobdesk® and allow your team designers and brand managers to play with such things as custom CSS and HTML.

Course Curriculum and Skills

Different learners can be at different skill levels. Hence the option of aligning content and assessments with learning outcomes. We offer the option of assigning beginner, intermediate, and expert training material to your base of learners. Have full access over every aspect of the learning material at your company, from curriculum to training benefits and objectives. Moreover, use the LMS to adapt training to employee needs and offer a smooth progress process at your organization.

Customized Reporting

Oversee the training of your staff and stay up to date with the success through a collection of tailored reports and graphical diagrams that will distinctly showcase training compliance and achievements to make sure that everyone is on track. Schedule automatic delivery of reports to selected team managers

Course Compilation And Creation

Easily compile courses using your current, purchased, or recently produced content. The jobdesk® LMS can accept content in all popular formats, including SCORM, Video, Audio, PDFs, Flash, HTML5, Web Links, and any other web resource.

Mobile Friendly

We believe that e-learning should go beyond any limitation. Not only do we offer a completely cloud-based LMS that is accessible from any global location, but we’ve worked on providing a product that is also available on all devices. The jobdesk® LMS is entirely mobile-friendly and can be accessed from your device of choice.

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