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Have the entire Compensation and Benefits Plan in one single page.

Choosing to develop a compensation and benefits strategic plan requires a top knotch software as well. jobdesk® offers you the most comprehensive software with having the ability to tailor specific plans for your compensation plan, have everything very much accurate and on time. You will be able to see all the benefits in one single page, monitor, track and follow every office. Reach decisions, execute them in a slight second and everyone you choose to be notified. Your company strategy will be fully aligned and delivered without any headaches.

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Compensation and Benefits System Benefits:

Clear picture of compensations

Processing of any kind of compensations: direct financial compensations including form of wages, salaries, tips, bonuses and commissions, as well as indirect financial compensations and non- financial compensations.

Employee loyalty and job satisfaction

Crucial thing for employees’ happiness and wellbeing is being paid properly and on time, so they would start having the feeling of belonging with the company. It can eventually result in motivated workforce and increased interpersonal communication within the organization.

Evaluation and ranking of the jobs

jobdesk® Compensation and Benefits System will enable categorization of roles and departments in fields and rankings internally in the company. Adjusting job descriptions and determining specific job functions and tasks.

Keeping the quality

By providing well compensation and benefits to employees, you are improving the productivity and efficiency, and you can not only recruit, but also retain qualified employees and invest in their professional development.


Make your employees feel safe and secure by covering broad range of health care, Life and AD and D, long-term disability, retirement planning both in pensions and savings, employee assistance plans.

Organizational strategy

Compensations and benefits as components need to be addressed when developing the compensation system to ensure they align with your organizational strategy and objectives, headed in direction at creating work culture and structure that you want.

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