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What Constitutes A Good Recruitment Automation Software?

What Exactly Is Recruiting Software?

Modern-day recruiting is a complicated process that demands intensive interaction between vendors, applicants/jobseekers, recruiters and more. To sum it up, this requires multiple digital and non-digital solutions that are often manually aligned to work toward one goal – hiring new staff. Recruiting automation software works by bypassing the necessity of using these multiple solutions. In an automated manner, it delivers the right service to streamline the hiring process – from job postings to onboarding new staff. Moreover, such software allows you as a recruiter to manage multiple job postings across global platforms, manage job requests, build workflows and much more – from one, often SaaS-based service.

What Constitutes The Right Choice When It Comes To Automated Recruiting Software?

With automation becoming the leading trend among HRs and recruiters, it’s no secret that vendors are leading a global battle to meet client preferences. But, the fact remains that recruiting software differs vastly. Often marketed as all-in-one solutions, many automated recruiting services end up to be another tool in the toolbox – requesting continual maintenance and other software to complete your process. Here are some of the top-priority points we’ve identified among GCC companies when going for recruiting software:

• Post job listings to other directories – Picking an easily-customizable solution that allows placing the right fields within your software could mean all the difference when going for this kind of software. Good software allows you manage high-volume applicant pools, predict recruitment outcomes and reduce bias in hiring.

• Easy customization and automation – This one has been deemed as crucial when it comes to marketing your recruiting needs. Automating job placements by launching them to

• Applicant tracking system (ATS) – Represents an automated software solution that aids the recruiting process to proficiently source talent. An ATS can collect significant candidate information and support enterprises to track candidate development in multiple stages during the hiring process.

• CV/Resume Parsing – One of the biggest challenges among nowadays recruiters, CV parsing (also known as CV extraction, resume parsing etc), represents the efficient process of converting free-form candidate CVs from any common file format (such as Word, text, PDF…) to structured and readable XML formats that can later be used by easy computer management.

Making The Right Decision

Your recruiting process is essential to your organizational success. No matter if you’re running a recruiting agency or operate a large team of recruiters within your own organizations, sourcing the right candidates is an integral part of corporate development. Hence, making the right decision can determine your path. When picking recruiting automation software, we suggest to address the following main points:

• Always consult with your recruiters – Disregard any other employees; your recruiters need to know the ins and outs of your software. After all, this is a tool that will primarily serve their needs. Always base your purchasing decision on the needs of your recruiters.

• Consult the technical team – While your recruiters may have the last word in defining the needs of your enterprise, it is often your IT team that does the maintenance and installation. All major game players in the automation world have long ditched the on-premise model, focusing on SaaS/cloud-based solutions. This, apart from cutting maintenance costs, provides the bonus of managing your team and overall recruiting process from virtually any place.

• Learning curve – With recruiting needs growing day after day, vendors must follow up – adding multiple functions that can meet the requirements of modern recruiters. However, more functionality often leads to more clutter – resulting in a very steep learning curve that could take your team years to adapt. Look out for automation software that offers a user-friendly interface and has a dedicated and proven customer care team.

Automation in HR and recruitment is an overall revolutionary step, leading toward a minimization of the human need and delegating most tasks to machine learning. This leaves no space for mistakes, which could often lead to long-term consequences, major business strategy shifts, and loss of business. See how we at Jobdesk are addressing all these issues. Contact us for more.

2018 Staff Retention Challenge: How Will GCC Businesses Manage Employees?

I remember reading Hays’ market report last summer – The DNA of an HR Leader. While much was said about current and upcoming HR trends in the GCC, one conclusion caught my eye in particular:

“41% of HR leaders think that staff retention and business influencing will be the biggest challenges for them over the next 12 months.This was followed by talent management (16%) and compensation and benefits (12%). The majority (46%) expect talent management to be the most important area of focus for HR over the next two years. “I couldn’t stop thinking over the accuracy of this single conclusion. It seemed a little bit off to me… After all, with work openings still infrequent in the region, one would think that employees are much more reluctant to leave their current job and start seeking a new one. So, about a month ago, we ran a little test. I got my team to interview some of the most important clients we serve in the GCC. Soon enough, we had sales guys picking the phones and hitting their key accounts, marketing sending online questionnaires to prospective clients, and even our CEO speaking to some of his decisionmaker acquaintances at our partnering enterprises. We were on a mission: prove the accuracy of those numbers. Granted, we were never going to do a thorough study with a representative sample, but we wanted to see from our clients what this was about – first hand. A week and some fifty answers later, we were utterly surprised to conclude much of the same ourselves: staff retention is indeed a big issue in the GCC. These were answers we obtained from big recruiters and SMEs. But, revealing the motives behind this job hopping was never our intention. In fact, we were after another big answer.

How Are Organizations Managing These Human Resources?

The region employs roughly 20.000.000 people. With nationalization strategies like the Saudi 2030 and UAE 2021 ahead, these numbers are expected to grow at a staggering rate. The big question persists: How will these people’s records be managed across organizations? After all, there are plenty of studies claiming that HR departments in the GGC are using old-fashioned paper records rather than digital systems that can boost their productivity and their company’s bottom line.

This time, we resorted to our own staff at jobdesk. Having served the European market for nearly a decade, our Swiss team carries the experience of managing some of the biggest players in the EU market – banks, SEMs, and recruitment companies. Hence, the team was confident to suggest that Online Recruitment Management Software and Human Resource Management Systems are the only feasible solution for such a dynamic market. However, with such a vast array of vendors offering similar solutions, it is often difficult to make decisions on an enterprise level.

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